It takes a lot of talk to tell people what we spend money on around here. But here it goes. We provide food, housing, transportation to and from work, to doctors, legal appts(probation, court, and DEFACS) and daily meetings.  We take the women to AA conventions and spiritual retreats several times a year. We have birthday events where they get to choose skating, bowling, or a movie for the whole house.  We have taken them ice skating on Jekyll and ice cream after that.  We go to meetings in Jacksonville, Fernandina, St, Marys, Savannah, Waycross and all over southeast Ga. We really want them to know they can fun in sobriety.  Oh yeah and did I mention ice cream.  We have picnics and meetings on the beach or a lake or just in down town Fernandina oh yeah and ice cream.  The girls do a lot of volunteer working when its a long day helping an elderly person move or clean up the house or whatever is needed we take the girls out to dinner and give them a break on the cooking.When a lady graduates our program they recieve the $500 intake back to help with moving out and we have a party for them (they get to choose the menu) and they can invite local recovery community , family, co workers ,and employers to help celebrate this milestone.  We also go Christmas caroling and did I mention ice cream.

Whew that was a lot. But seriously we need money for ice cream.    Thanks,Luck